About Us


Urban Leaf exists because we believe that the environmental impact of our food systems represents one of, if not the, biggest challenges our generation faces. We want our kids, and your kids, to live on a happy and healthy planet.

By facilitating a relationship that brings people closer to their food, our mission is to motivate, encourage, and inspire healthier and more sustainable food choices. 

We specialize in apartment and beginner-friendly edible gardening kits. Our goal is to differentiate ourselves based on affordability, ease of use, and thoughtfulness of design. 

Our Promise To You

All Urban Leaf products come with a Green Thumb Guarantee, which means that if you can’t get them to grow or are not satisfied with the results we will refund or replace them for free. We do this not because we think our products are perfect. They’re not. Rather, we do this because we recognize that gardening is a voyage and not a destination, and if you’re completely new to it then the truth is that there’s a bunch of things that could go wrong. But there is so much to be gained from fixing our food system and having you experience the magic of gardening that we don’t want an initial setback to deter you. Not only are we willing to replace your product for free, but we will also happily offer 1-on-1 coaching and support to make your next attempt a more successful one. 

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