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How Green is Your Thumb?

Growing stuff is hard, but we’re here to help. Test out your plant knowledge by taking our Urban Leaf Green Thumb Certification quiz, and receive 50% off our LED Grow Light! If you pass the quiz, you’ll also receive a special certificate you can post and share with your friends!

Welcome to Urban Leaf!

Growing stuff is hard. Especially for apartment dwellers. So we made it easier with a patent-pending design that turns a decorative bottle into a full time plant-sitter. It takes the pressure off of you and keeps your plants happy.

One day we hope to reinvent the food system, but for now, we’re focused on bringing a little bit of edible greenery into your life. We want to transform the world’s food system, one edible windowsill garden at a time. It’s an ambitious goal, but every windowsill counts!

rob and nate

Dr. Rob’s Ph.D. dissertation focused on Vegetated Infrastructure. Since moving to NYC, he made it his mission to try to make the city a bit greener and is in charge of R&D, manufacturing, and dispatch. Nate left the finance industry in 2015, determined to build something that would make his future grandchildren proud. He’s taken cooking classes all over the world, even earning a Certificate of Culinary Arts in Toronto. Rob and Nate joined together to bring a healthier, more sustainable food system to the masses.

what is urban leaf all about?

Urban Leaf empowers people just like you to experience the joy and satisfaction of growing their own food in any space, even a tiny New York City apartment. Rob and Nate’s original product is an eco-friendly beginner hydroponic unit that’s designed for the complete beginner. It essentially allows plants to water themselves through a patented hydroponic process. Now anyone can have a successful garden in their home, even if they don’t remember to water it.
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