Aerogarden Compatible Sponge Replacements (50 pack)


  • **PLEASE NOTE**: Due to AeroGarden being out of stock on grow sponges, we are currently seeing very high order volume for this item. Please allow an extra 5-7 days for fulfillment.
  • AeroGardens are a great way to grow at home, but existing sponge options are both expensive and of mediocre quality. They are also made from slow-growing peat moss.
  • Urban Leaf’s coco-coir based AeroGarden-compatible replacement sponges work perfectly with all AeroGarden models – offering an affordable, sustainable, and high-quality alternative to the ‘genuine’ option.
  • Replacement Pod Kits will set you back $10-15 a set. Purchasing the sponges and plastic pieces separately is a great way to save money on your AeroGarden. We also offer a dwarf and compact herb seed collection thats great for indoor gardening.
  • Barbara K. Byers. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Work with AeroGarden! “These pods work perfectly with the Miracle-Gro AeroGarden and are so inexpensive!”

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We’re so confident that you’ll enjoy switching to these AeroGarden compatible sponges made from sustainably produced coco coir that we offer a lifetime replacement warranty. If you are not 100% satisfied with the product simply drop us an email to help (at) for a refund or replacement.

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Weight0.3 lbs
Dimensions2.50 × 4.75 × 9.50 in

Refunds & Returns

All Urban Leaf products are backed by our Green Thumb Guarantee (we want more than anything to make a successful gardener out of you!) If you are not satisfied with our products, or cannot get them to work, please contact us for a refund or replacement.

5 reviews for Aerogarden Compatible Sponge Replacements (50 pack)

  1. Barbara K. Byers

    Work with Aero Garden! These pods work perfectly with the Miracle Grow Aero Garden and are so enexpensive!

  2. Lori Kiely-Dicus

    They work well unless mold grows. I will continue to use them to start seeds. I use the product to plant seeds in my aerogarden

  3. Emil E. Kackos

    I like these. I like that they are biodegradable. They are the same size as the regular pods, fit the plastic holders perfectly and also fit in the styrofoam seed starting system. I planted lettuce seeds in one and they came up in a few days. A perfect fit for me!

  4. kim

    Much cheaper than the companies product. Works the same. Great deal. Like growing my own plants at great price

  5. zPug

    I have 4 Aerogarden Bounty, 8 Aerogarden Harvest (includes classic touch, Elite Wi-fi and just Harvest) indoor to grow cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, herbs, different kind of veggies and flowers. I used a lot of seed pod sponges as I mainly use organic seeds I bought from nursery. I had thrown away quite a lot of original Aerogarden seed pod sponges because of mold growing on the sponge. Saw this replacement sponges on Amazon which claimed that it won’t grow mold so give it a try.

    1. this sponges are softer than Aerogarden sponges, which is very nice.
    2. Easy for soaking water, I usually soak the sponges in water before I placed seed into the sponge, this replacement sponges take less than a minute to fully soaked with water.
    3. They all in good shape. I bought a package of Aerogarden sponges from their official website, they arrived in different length, and shapes, many of them were broken, or curved. See attached photos for compare.
    4. No mold, I started using the sponges on 6/26/2019 to start some seeds, although my seeds didn’t sprout because it’s too old, at least 5 years old, I had replaced seeds two times, the sponges still looking good without mold. It does have algae on top because of the light, but it’s not mold which I had them on my other original Aerogarden sponges.

    I also using these sponges to start growing chamomile, romaine lettuces, cilantro and baby bok choi. My chamomile sprouted in just 5 days.

    Will definitely buy these replacement sponges again in the future when I used up all my sponges.

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