Cucumber Seeds


This cucumber might be little, but it contains a big flavor and crunch. They’re great to eat fresh and also pickle well. This specific plant creates compact vines that are multibranching and yield well in most environments. The leaves are smaller for convenience. They are also disease and mildew resistant. There’s truly no better cucumber. Small but mighty!

  • 1-2 weeks
  • Harvest after 2 months.
  • Full sun. 7+ of direct sunlight.

Additional information


1 year (annual)

Hydro / Soil

Not recommended for hydroponics. Grows best in soil – especially in self-watering planters.

Container / Indoors

Plant 2 sites in a 12" (5 gal) container. In larger containers, space sites 8" apart. For each site plant 3 seeds 1" deep.

Outdoor / Inground

Plant 2 site per squarefoot. For each site, plant 3 seeds 1" deep.

Plant Size

Grow up to 5 inches in diameter. Plant 6 inches apart.

Taste & Nutritional Value

Crisp, fresh taste. High in Potassium, Vitamin C, and Fiber, and hydrating to boot!


This specific breed of cucumber was developed and released by the University of Arkansas in 1991. It was designed to be compact and disease-resistant, and to have small leaves for visibility purposes. Cucumbers were cultivated and eaten in Egypt. Evidently, Egyptians used cucumbers to make liquor by cutting a hole in the fruit, stirring the insides, and then plugging the hole to then allow the mixture inside to ferment for days. The Greeks also cultivated Cucumbers as well as the Romans.

Seed Count


Seed Weight (mg)


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