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Edible Flowers Bottle Garden Kit


With quick setup and minimal care requirement, The Edible Flowers Bottle Garden Kit provides you with a lovely array of fresh flowers in just a few months. Brighten any space with a mini indoor garden that smells delightful and looks beautiful to boot! Toss the petals in salads or use them as a garnish to give your meals a restaurant look 😉 The perfect gift for loved ones or just to keep for yourself!

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  • Marigolds sprout in 1 week. Cosmos sprout in 1-2 weeks. Zinnias sprout in 1 week.
  • Cosmos and Zinnias are ready to harvest in 3 months. Marigolds are ready to harvest in 2 months.
  • Marigolds require part sun, or 5+ hours of direct sunlight. Cosmos require full sun, or 7+ hours of direct sunlight. Zinnias require full sun, or 6+ hours of sunlight.
  • The bottle gardens are self watering. The water added to your bottle during setup will remain for the entirety of its growing period.
  • Windowsill friendly indoors. If placed outdoors, best in moderate temperatures as the roots can get too hot in the peak of summer.

Additional information

Weight 0.148 lbs
Dimensions 5.548 × 3.504 × 1.168 in

Billed as "The World's Smallest Garden" we launched our company with this product on Kickstarter in 2017. We designed it to be a low-cost, easy-to-use introduction to growing herbs at home.

Included in this kit

The kit includes 3 bottle garden inserts, 3 packets of seeds (Marigolds, Cosmos, and Zinnias), labels, and clear stickers for coverage.

Not included, but required

A clean bottle (we recommend an old wine bottle), and tap water! We also offer signature Urban Leaf bottles in our shop.

Refunds & Returns

All Urban Leaf products are backed by our Green Thumb Guarantee (we want more than anything to make a successful gardener out of you!) If you are not satisfied with our products, or cannot get them to work, please contact us for a refund or replacement.

2 reviews for Edible Flowers Bottle Garden Kit

  1. Jackie DeCesaris (verified owner)

    Don’t hesitate! This is one of those things that at first looke seems small, but the delivery is spectacular. It doesn’t end with one bottle! Use snips and their soil to gift and gift some more. It really is the gift that keeps on giving. 10stars! Really easy easy easy for anyone.

  2. Sims Tullos

    I am genuinely thrilled with this product. I purchased the Edible Flowers set a few weeks back when I met the co-founders at TechDay. I have killed every plant I have ever owned. Not this time! The Zinnia & Marigold started sprouting almost within days, and I was so happy. My Cosmos struggled behind, but I woke up and it had grown inches overnight! I used wine bottles that I had kept from a wine tasting I threw, so it makes the experience all the more special. I live in a small apartment in NYC, yet the flowers get plenty of sunlight to grow. I am so excited to get the other kits and cover my windowsills in fresh herbs & flowers. I love this product & I will be buying these for all my friends and clients over the holiday season. Keep up the good work!!

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