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Microgreens Growing Kit


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Perfect for beginners, microgreens are incredibly easy to grow, are quick to harvest, and are jam-packed with nutrients! Each kit contains:

  • 3 x re-useable grow trays, made from bamboo-fiber eco plastic
  • 3 x germination domes
  • 4 x packets of seeds, each one containing enough for 3 harvests (12 total)
  • 9 x grow mats
  • 1 x quick start guide

We also offer an upgraded version of this product, which includes additional seeds and grow mats to keep you growing even longer!

Available on backorder

  • You’ll start seeing sprouts as soon as one day in!
  • All the varities in the starter kit will be ready in 7 days – but some you can start picking even sooner.
  • Grow in low to high light.
  • The patent-pending tray is self watering. The water added to setup will enough for the entire grow.

Additional information

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We tried the loads of different microgreen grow kits out there and, while we loved the flavors of the produce, the kits were always too messy, required too much maintenence, or had prohibitively expensive refills. We knew we could do better, so spent a year prototyping every part to develop what we think is the easiest, least expensive, and mose eco-friendly product available.
Over a year before its launch, we knew we wanted to offer microgreens. After testing all the options that w

Included in this kit

3 Reusable trays and lids
4 Varieties
9 Single use grow mats

Not included, but required

Measuring Spoons"

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