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Vita Grow Light (Soltech Solutions)


Vita is an LED grow bulb that supports the growth of your plants with its highly precise photosynthetic spectrum while illuminating your space with brilliant, warm white ambient light.

Simply screw it into any traditional light fixture to give your plants the light and life they deserve.  Happy plants, happy home. It’s this easy.

Lamp stand and accessories not included. The dimmable option is ONLY suitable for US and Canada.

  • This 20W grow light for indoor plants puts out a warm white (3000K) light, covering not only the essential red/blue frequencies but also the various light frequencies in between which are essential for optimal plant health.
  • PPF of 25.95 umol/sec, and PPF/W (or PPE) of 1.3 umol/W.
  • Inbuilt optics (lens) provides a relatively narrow beam angle (36 degrees) for a high coefficient of utilization (CU). This means you get more light on the plants, less leakage on your walls
  • Ideal for medium size edible plants, or larger sized decorative plants
  • Click here for details on our Grow Light Recycling Program

Additional information

Weight 0.9375 lbs
Dimensions 4.7 × 3.7 × 3.7 in
What's Included

1 Vita™ Grow Light
Quick Start Guide

Technical Specifications

Color: Black or White
Voltage: Dimmable: 120V, Non-Dimmable: 100-277V
Total Consumption: 20 Watts
PPF: 25.95 μmol/sec
Base: E26
Size: PAR30
Beam Angle: 36 Degrees
CRI: 98
Lumens: 1500
Color Temperature: 3000 Kelvin
Lifespan: 30,000 hrs
Dimmable: Optional
Dimensions: 4.7" x 3.7"
Weight: 15oz
LED for Incandescent Replacement: 120W
LED for HID Replacement: 90 HPS or HM
Environment: Do not get wet

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