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Urban Leaf is excited to announce our new collaboration with Farm.One, a vertical farming company that grows hundreds of specialty crops right here in New York City. Using hydroponics and LED lighting, Farm.One grows hard-to-find produce such as purple basil and marigold flowers for top end chefs around the city.

Like us, Farm.One believes in the importance of fresh and local food, using innovative techniques to grow food indoors in urban settings, and using practices that benefit the health of the planet.

We’re thrilled to share that starting this month, we will be working with Farm.One to provide a gift to everyone who visits the Farm.One site in TriBeCa. Through this collaboration, we hope to help more people discover the magic and ease of urban farming by giving them a chance to experience it at home.

Of course, you don’t have to wait to visit Farm.One to try some of the exotic flavors that top chefs use in their own dishes. You can grow some of these rare plants in your own indoor garden today. All you need is one of our kits, a dark glass bottle, and a sunny windowsill to get started. Or alternatively if you’re in New York save 10% on any Farm.One tour with code ‘URBANLEAF’. 

Keen to learn more about working with Urban Leaf on your own corporate swag or office giveaways? Drop us a line today and together we can start growing a greener future.

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